Hard-Ons - Alfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die (2010)

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Hard-Ons - Alfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die (2010)Исполнитель: Hard-Ons
Альбом: Alfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die
Год: 2010
Страна: Australia (Sydney)
Стиль: Punk/Power Pop/Hardcore Punk/Thrash Metal
Битрейт: 242 kbps VBR V2, Lame 3.97
Длительность: 00:43:15
Издатель: The Cool Bananas Record Company (Australia) / Boss Tuneage (UK)
Размер: 75.47 МБ
1. Feisty – 2:10
2. Cigarettes – 2:02
3. In The End We All Die Alone – 4:20
4. Everyone Seems To Be Out To Get You – 2:42
5. The Media Frenzy That Followed – 3:48
6. I'm A Frozen Boy – 4:22
7. Damp – 0:58
8. Near The Casino – 0:39
9. Farmer Wants A Root – 0:47
10. Burn Everything – 0:56
11. Keep Talking My Eyes Aren't Completely Glazed Over – 0:59
12. Tie Ya Mother Down – 0:51
13. Give Me Arse A Haircut – 1:27
14. Atomic Handshake – 1:20
15. 1st Element Is Sweat aka SG's At Dawn – 4:43
16. Pretend It's Vanilla – 2:49
17. The Socialists' Smoko – 3:44
18. Hero To Hero – 1:47
19. Aunty – 2:51


With an epic and infamous disregard for popular trends and nice haircuts, the three quasi-virtuosos that are Australian legends THE HARD ONS are back with their first new studio album in three years – and with an album that truly represents the Hard-Ons at their most realised: melodic; brutal; and funny. “ALFALFA MALES ONCE SUMMER IS DONE CONFORM OR DIE” is at once a face-peeling thrash-metal album, slash-and-burn punk album and a brilliantly catchy power-pop album. But you would expect that from a band that for a quarter of a century laughed at the mainstream and deliberately shunned it; a band that gloriously does what it instinctively feels; paradoxically, a band that carefully and organically crafts its musical output with the utmost respect that it deserves.
In this era of downloading, social-networking and over-the-top consumerism, the world needs, as outrageous as this sounds, the new album from three shirtless middle-aged men who still play like they are the only band on the planet..


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