Pink Razors - Leave Alive (2008)

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Pink Razors - Leave Alive (2008)Исполнитель: Pink Razors
Альбом: Leave Alive
Год: 2008
Страна: USA
Стиль: Pop Punk/Male & Female Vocals
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, iTunes v7.7.1
Длительность: 00:22:28
Издатель: Houseplant Records/No Idea Records
Размер: 52.27 МБ
1. Back Home – 2:21
2. Nights Like Yours – 1:51
3. Geometric Park – 3:17
4. Clouded – 1:58
5. No Secrets – 3:01
6. Too Obvious – 1:38
7. Not the Wrong Son – 2:29
8. Spaceheater – 3:03
9. Never Change – 2:50


In the wake of great change for punk-pop purveyors PINK RAZORS, their second LP "Leave Alive" reflects the band's transformations. The band's penchant for hooks, crunch, and speed remain intact here but are given more room to breathe, resulting in longer, more developed pop constructions that explore different tempos. Early listeners cite a more pop-punk Superchunk, or a cleaner Scared of Chaka. This first release since adding new member Erin Tobey was recorded just before she and principal songwriter, Jeff Grant, left their Richmond, VA home base for the smaller town of Bloomington, IN. With drummer Adam Monroe hopping around the US between seasonal forest service jobs and bassist Justin Owen still in Richmond, the band's rare opportunities to meet up for shows, recording, or writing seem only more significant now. Amidst this turbulence, the band grabbed the reins of their fate by releasing this sophomore full-length on their own upstart, Houseplant Records (after time as the black sheep on the Robotic Empire label and a follow-up 7" on the smaller Rorschach label).

Justin Owen - bass
Adam Monroe - drums
Erin Tobey - guitar, vocals
Jeff Grant - guitar, vocals

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