Street Poison - Self-titled (2010)

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Street Poison - Self-titled (2010)Исполнитель: Street Poison
Альбом: Street Poison
Год: 2010
Страна: France (Paris)
Стиль: Criminal Punk Rock
Битрейт: MPEG-4 AAC LC - 256 kbps; iTunes, QuickTime 7.6.6
Длительность: 00:28:16
Издатель: Carnage Punk Rock
Размер: 57.32 МБ
1. Rat Dance – 1:17
2. Friends & Family – 1:57
3. Sick Man – 3:23
4. Paper Rules – 2:16
5. Death Blow – 2:34
6. Jimmy Punk – 2:33
7. I Don't Take No Shit – 1:19
8. Kids of War – 3:08
9. Holiday In The Can – 1:38
10. Open Bar – 1:44
11. Hope's Within You – 1:27
12. Riot in Da Hood (feat. Born To Lose) – 1:42
13. When An Angel Goes – 3:18



Straight from Paris suburbia, STREET POISON formed in 2009 with 4 members,
It's the energy of californian punk rock, the power of New York hardcore, all this mixed up with the rawness of the Paris ghetto.
In 2010, they released their first record S/T on Carnage Punk Rock.
After a year touring around France, an EP called "City of the Dead" is out in september 2011 on I Hate People/Carnage Punk Rock and then they went touring europe with The Decline!
At the end of 2011, Francky, the bassist decided to leave the band and Swan (Street Kids/Angry Cats) joined Street Poison.
A split EP with The Decline! called "Concrete Seas" will be out october 13 on Carnage Punk Rock,
The band is pleased to welcome Louis (Street Kids/Lion's Law) as second guitarist.
Street Poison has supported bands as Agnostic Front, Devil's Brigade, The Oppressed, Old Firm Casuals, H2O, Star Fucking Hipsters, Deez Nuts and many more.


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