VA - Taking Out A Little Agression - A Tribute (2007)

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Категория: punk, hardcore, v.a.

VA - Taking Out A Little Agression - A Tribute (2007)Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: Taking Out A Little Agression - A Tribute
Год: 2007
Страна: USA
Стиль: Skatecore
Битрейт: 198 kbps VBR V2, Lame 3.97
Длительность: 00:42:53
Издатель: Dr. Strange Records
Размер: 61.37 МБ
1. JFA - Rat Race – 01:10
2. Bad Samaritans - Go To War – 01:45
3. D.I. - Money Machine – 02:07
4. Retching Red - Insomnia – 01:41
5. Shattered Faith - Secret Sex – 01:21
6. S.A.I.D. - Stop The Clock – 01:01
7. Verbal Abuse - Body Count/No Mercy – 02:05
8. Life Crisis - Rich Kids – 01:05
9. Midnight Bombers - It Can Happen – 01:44
10. Kat Killer - Cat Killer – 01:48
11. Mark A. - Brain Bondage – 01:08
12. Thee Spontanes - What Did I Do? – 04:42
13. Big Bob's Agression Session - Salty Leather – 02:53
14. Oppressed Logic - No Mercy – 01:10
15. California Redemption - Locals Only – 02:02
16. Kat Killer - Intense Energy – 01:22
17. The Last Priority - S.A.T.C. – 02:03
18. Aggro - Don't Be Mistaken – 02:01
19. Permanent Black - Never Alone – 02:52
20. Jelly & Rob Thacker - Dear John Letter – 02:50
21. Henry Knowles - What Did I Do? – 04:03


Part of Oxnard, California's nascent "Nardcore" scene that also featured bands like Ill Repute and Dr. Know, Agression were the product of four skaters-Mark Hickey, Henry Knowles, Bob Clark and Mark Aber - who, along with bands such as JFA and Big Boys, minted the hardcore sub-genre skate-punk in the early '80s. It only seemed natural, melding the two youth based, outcast-driven sub-cultures-skateboarding and hardcore-punk-into one entity. Both, after all, were explosive fast, intense adrenaline-rushes. And Agression certainly were intense, showcasing their first material on the now-legendary BYO comp "Someone Got thier Head Kicked In!" alongside notables such as Adolescents, Battalion Of Saints and a young Bad Religion. In 1983, Agression unleashed their debut full-length "Don't Be Mistaken", which had a fiercer sound than the tracks on the BYO comp, and featured consitently sub-two-minute blasts with sneering vocals care of Hickey. Not only did the singer base some songs' subject matter on their sport of choice ("Have you ever seen a skateboarder surfing in a pool/flying over the coping with a skateboard as his tool", from "Intense Energy" after a brief soundbite of wheels hitting the pavement), but more often he delves into the topic de rigueur for hardcore bands of the day: critiquing American society. Conformity is harangued in "Brain Bondage" and "Rat Race", and "Stop The Clock" and "Money Machine" find Agression mocking the status quo and the American dream. The band put out later material on Mystic, including '85s "Agression" LP, but "Don't Be Mistaken" is essentially Agression at the shining apex of their career. Sadly, Hickey died in 2000 of liver failure, and in 2002 guitarist Knowles succumbed to lukemia. With only two members left (drummer Mark Aber and bassist Big Bob Clark), Agression released "Grind Kings" in 2006. Dr. Strange Records released an Agression tribute album "Taking Out A Little Agression" in 2007.

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Verbal Abuse похоже в составе когда Nicki Sicki вышел из тюрьмы и решил возродить группу, звучат сыровато.
isus нравится это.


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