Corrupted Ideals - Join The Resistance (1991)

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Corrupted Ideals - Join The Resistance (1991)Исполнитель: Corrupted Ideals
Альбом: Join The Resistance
Год: 1991
Страна: USA (Long Beach, California)
Стиль: Hardcore Punk
Битрейт: 210 kbps VBR V2, Lame 3.92
Длительность: 00:26:57
Издатель: New Red Archives Records
Размер: 41.35 МБ
1. Stop The Production – 1:25
2. Feeble Attempt – 1:32
3. Over The Edge – 1:55
4. Mental Suicide – 2:50
5. Hit Or Miss – 1:43
6. Wake-Up – 1:36
7. Join The Resistance – 2:18
8. They Bleed Me – 2:46
9. Blind Folded – 1:03
10. 2010 – 2:05
11. Political Masturbation – 2:38
12. Dead Nazis – 2:18
13. Oppression With A Question – 2:49


Corrupted Ideals - Join The Resistance (1991)This Los Angeles punk band broke up in the mid nineties, but many though they were instrumental in bringing a return of the 1977 punk sound to the USA. They released two albums 1) Join The Resistance on LP & CD and 2) Anti-Generation on CD and three seven inch singles
Singer Paul still lives in Los Angeles, while co-songwriter Mickey is studying classical guitar.

Paul - vocals
Mike - guitar
Shay - bass
Brian - drums

Interview With Mikey Nigro & Paul Kelly of Corrupted Ideals May 23rd 1999:

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Это первый альбом группы, из двух, этот в Hardcore Punk стиле, но чувствуется влияние Second Wave Punk (Street Punk), вот из интервью:
Paul: [EN] ...we started out as a hardcore band, which I wasn't into. Then on the second record we started playing the kind of music I was into, more of a rootsy punk rock. After that we wanted to start delving into the proto punk stuff, but everyone was into hardcore and we couldn't keep a line up.

[РУС] ...мы начинали как хардкор группа, которая была не по мне. Потом на второй записи мы начали играть ту музыку, которая была по мне, больше корневого панк-рока. После этого мы хотели начать углубляться в прото-панк материал, но все были в хардкоре, и мы не могли удержать состав.


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