Culo - My Life Sucks And I Could Care Less (2013)

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Категория: punk, thrashcore, fastcore & powerviolence

Culo - My Life Sucks And I Could Care Less (2013)Исполнитель: CuloCulo (AKA Cülo)
Альбом: My Life Sucks And I Could Care Less
Год: 2013
Страна: USA (Chicago, Illinois)
Стиль: Punk/Thrash
Битрейт: 171 kbps VBR V2, Lame 3.97
Длительность: 00:26:15
Издатель: Deranged Records
Размер: 64.12 МБ
1. Gestapo Boots of a Mutant – 1:30
2. Societies Claws – 0:51
3. On the Nod – 1:48
4. I Was Supposed to Be an Abortion – 1:16
5. On the Streets – 1:15
6. Down in Equador – 0:56
7. Adult Life Is No Fun – 1:23
8. Human Policy – 0:39 3
9. Don't Care Pt.3 – 1:28
10. My Attitude – 1:33
11. Sick Sick Sick – 1:41
12. D.O.A. In My Head – 1:16
13. Dominant Farce – 0:51
14. A.O.A – 0:45
15. Modern Depressions – 2:03
16. Cyanide Slug – 1:13
17. It's My Life Sentance – 0:39
18. Your Art Is Getting All over Me – 1:09
19. Radiation Mutation – 1:41
20. My Life Sucks (and I Could Care Less) – 2:20



Согласно myspace на их повлияли Ramones/Discharge, а звучат они как Street Punks.

"Okay, 1st off, the LP is NOT called ‘The Return of Culo’, look at the spine of the LP for proof of that. But in a sense, its almost a return record since the guys took a good amount of time prepping it. This LP was recorded over a weekend in mid March 2012 with their man of choice Kevin up in Lansing MI. This is definitely not a concept record, but it can almost be called a ‘time and place’ record since the album is a reflection of everything in the band’s life when writing it, but what bands don’t? If you only loved the fast stuff the band has done before, that’s still present on tracks here but also the band offers more variety then ever before. To be blunt, the fast songs are faster, the mid tempo tracks are more punchy and the the rest are just downright catchy as hell. I see the ‘Ramones songs made ugly’ as a comparison nowadays made about a select few, and finally someone’s pulls it off, even though the boys go for their own thing but that certain band is a large influence. This is a true PUNK record. And damn John’s voice almost is an exact cross of Jerry and John Brannon, its so eerie the semblance. This album was just meant to happen and even if its release experienced a few delays, it’s a timeless record. Nothing was spared from the record down to the look, layout and quality and what you get sounds excellent. So sit back, grab something to drink (or supply to any other habit you may have) and enjoy all that is Culo." — Nick Sick

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