25 Ta Life - Hellbound, Misery, Torment (2005)

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Категория: hardcore, sludge & metal

25 Ta Life - Hellbound, Misery, Torment (2005)Исполнитель: 25 Ta Life
Альбом: Hellbound, Misery, Torment
Год: 2006
Страна: USA (New York City, New York)
Стиль: Thrash Metal/NYHC
Битрейт: 207 kbps VBR V2, Lame 3.90
Длительность: 00:37:38
Издатель: Back Ta Basics/The Age Of Venus Records (France)
Размер: 58.74
1. Abort – 6:40
2. Believe In Me – 3:39
3. Heavenly Sleep – 5:50
4. Question Yourself – 1:59
5. Ladyluck – 3:46
6. You Can Count On Me – 2:53
7. Crucified (Iron Cross cover) – 2:30
8. I Dont Care About You – 2:07
9. Haterz Be Damned – 3:41
10. Promise Keeper – 2:26
11. Drown In Your Own Blood – 2:08


Tracks 1-8 recorded june / dec 2004
Tracks 9-11 recorded oct 2003 (On European version out on The Age Of Venus Records, this tracks called Bonus)
Recorded at Audible Images Sate College. Pa

Песню Iron Cross - Crucified, многие знают по cover версии группы Agnostic Front на альбоме Liberty and Justice For... (1987).

If any band has crafted an authentic and indelible presence in the hardcore scene its 25 Ta Life. Lead by charismatic front man Rick Ta Life, the band has defined the straight edge hardcore scene for over a decade, traveling the globe on a non stop touring shedule, bringing a message of peace, unity and strength through music that trancends language and national boundaries.

This latest hard-core installment from one of the most consistent bands on the Scene, 25 Ta Life’s new album not only maintains the energy of past releases but ratchets up intensity and aggression to a whole new level. With that new opus 25 Ta Life does a thundering attack.

A real blast of metallic New York Hardcore while including new guitar riffs and diverse lyricals - vocals directions.
But still harshness and sheer brutality remain the band’s credo.

Cranium crushers like "Abort" and "Heavenly sleep” give evidence.

Anyway, everyone that hears is TRIP !!

European version of “Hellbound, misery, torment” out on The Age Of Venus Records includes 3 bonus tracks and an enhanced part (with high quality footage & pics gallerie).

Текст песни Abort:

Текст песни Promise Keeper:


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Отличный альбом, можно соотнести с Agnostic Front - Warriors (2007), правда на Warriors (2007) Crossover Thrash/NYHC. Альбом представляет смешение Thrash Metal и NYHC, или Thrash Metal взращенный на NYHC (как Вам больше нравится), но есть и NYHC треки.


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