After The Fall - Unkind (2013)

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After The Fall - Unkind (2013)Исполнитель: After The Fall
Альбом: Unkind
Год: 2013
Страна: USA (Albany, New York)
Стиль: Technical Melodic Hardcore/Hardcore Punk
Битрейт: 281 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:23:18
Издатель: Paper + Plastick Records (USA) / Disconnect Disconnect Records (Europe) / Bells On Records (Japan)
Размер: 47.74 МБ
1. Unkind – 3:30
2. Tilberg – 2:23
3. Disunion – 2:14
4. Wrong – 2:37
5. Controlled – 0:25
6. Attention Dependent – 1:20
7. Writers’ Block – 1:27
8. Back and Forth – 2:54
9. Double Negative – 1:45
10. Screwers – 1:24
11. Cathedral – 0:33
12. Decade – 2:46



Albany, NY’s After The Fall will be expanding upon a decade-long career of punk rock with the release of its fourth studio full-length record, Unkind, on March 19, 2013 via Paper + Plastick Records.

The band - consisting of vocalist / guitarist Mike Moak, guitarist Tyler Paige, bassist / vocalist Will Savage, and drummer Chris Millington - recorded Unkind in its hometown with producer Tim Lynch. The record was mixed and mastered by The Descendents’ Stephen Egerton.

Serving as the follow-up to the Eradication LP, After The Fall’s newest release showcases a sound with more depth than the band has ever had before. With two other full-lengths under the band’s belt (2005’s Everything and 2009’s Fort Orange), the group has honed and perfected its craft and Unkind proves to be its most impressive work.

“This album was recorded as a four-piece,” Moak says, “which gave everything a little more depth. We’ve been a three-piece for the last four years but Will and Tyler rejoining the band have helped us flesh things out and get their influence in on this album and the songwriting.”

Between impressive guitar work on songs like “Decade,” the album’s closer, and Millington’s consistently relentless drumming presence, Unkind is a thrill ride through 12 tracks that never take a break in intensity.

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Technical Melodic Hardcore - Melodic Hardcore со Skate Punk влиянием, что проявляется, как правило, в более сложной гитарной секции, чем обычно в Melodic Hardcore и видимо из-за этого часто эти группы относят к Skate Punk, что все же не правильно. В общем в духе This Is A Standoff, A Wilhelm Scream и т.п.

На альбоме Technical Melodic Hardcore и несколько более Hardcore Punk ориентированных песен.


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