Hardcore Superstar - C'mon Take On Me (2013)

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Hardcore Superstar - C'mon Take On Me (2013)Исполнитель: Hardcore Superstar
Альбом: C'mon Take On Me
Год: 2013
Страна: Sweden (Gothenburg)
Стиль: Sleaze Rock/Metal
Битрейт: 265 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:46:01
Издатель: Gain/Sony, Nuclear Blast Records
Размер: 89.44 МБ
1. Cutting the Slack – 2:11
2. C'mon Take on Me – 2:51
3. One More Minute – 4:08
4. Above the Law – 4:23
5. Are You Gonna Cry Now? – 4:15
6. Stranger of Mine – 4:55
7. Won't Take the Blame Pt. 1 – 3:46
8. Won't Take the Blame Pt. 2 – 1:45
9. Dead Man's Shoes – 3:48
10. Because of You – 3:31
11. Too Much Business – 4:36
12. Long Time No See – 5:52


Many bands play it safe – HARDCORE SUPERSTAR don’t. The Swedish four-piece had the balls to marry two styles that grew up hating each other. We're talking about Thrash Metal and Sleaze Rock. The former hard, aggressive and ugly - the latter catchy, melodic and decadent. The bastard child's name? Street Metal! A fusion that has appeared consequent to drummer and founding member Adde from day one on: “Thrash and sleaze both come from the gutter. They wear big sneakers, they are a bit stupid and they both read pulp fiction. I can't believe that nobody brought them together before.” Success proves HARDCORE SUPERSTAR right: Opening for world class acts such as AC/DC, AEROSMITH or MÖTLEY CRÜE and releasing eight highly acclaimed studio albums plus probably the best party tune compilation of all time – namely 2011’s best-of record “The Party Ain’t Over ‘Til We Say So” – acts as a perfect indicator for the combo’s undeniable success.

2013 sees the wild party bunch opening another chapter in the history of street metal. Their ninth output “C’mon Take On Me”, produced by the band and mixed by no less a figure than Randy Staub (METALLICA, MÖTLEY CRÜE, THE CULT), delivers all the glamour and sleaziness that both fans of the hard thrashing and melodiously rocking genre have come to love since the band’s full-length debut “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll” in 1998. So follow the challenge and take on HARDCORE SUPERSTAR – huge fun guaranteed!


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Обычно они называют стиль в котором играют - Street Metal - смесь Thrash Metal и Slease Rock.

Отличная группа.

Если нравится Turbonegro, Sister (http://gnwp.ru/40704-sister-deadboys-making-noise-ep-2009.html, http://gnwp.ru/35506-sister-hated-2011.html), можно попробовать.


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