Fuk - New Wave Of British Punk Rock (Vinyl LP) (2012)

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Fuk - New Wave Of British Punk Rock (Vinyl LP) (2012)Исполнитель: Fuk
Альбом: New Wave Of British Punk Rock (Vinul LP)
Год: 2012
Страна: UK (Bristol, England)
Стиль: UK 82
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lme 3.93
Длительность: 00:21:09
Издатель: PHR Records (Czech Republic)
Размер: 54.53 МБ
1. Smash Up The Kitchen – 1:49
2. Instant Depression – 1:44
3. More Nothing – 0:59
4. City Centre Shit Kickers – 1:57
5. Eye See You – 1:26
6. Carry On Abroad – 1:12
7. Eaten Alive – 1:52
8. Bomber Pop Terror – 1:15
9. Asbo Hitler – 2:04
10. Sexy War Victim – 1:35
11. Mean Eyed Girl – 2:42
12. Asbo Kids – 1:09
13. P.C.K. – 1:25


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Bristol, England. Do I need to say more? OK. Gabba from Chaos UK and his new band. So now you know what I mean. FUK just make their new album, some recordings before were released on Japanese labels. Now their new full length is out on Czech based PHR Records. FUK said about they selves that their sound is like a hornet nest rolling around in a washing machine and I can't say it better. 13 new songs was released as limited edition vinyl only.

A side project of Chaos U.K.’s Gabba, Fuk is an excellent British hardcore record. There’s nothing new here, but the experts involved have it all down to a science. The vocals are incredible and the bass lines are balanced high. I think this album’s been around for a little bit, but the edition in hand is the first vinyl pressing. This 45 RPM 12” hails from a label in the CzechRepublic, is pressed on totally transparent clear vinyl that is fun to look through, and is beautifully packaged. Plus, the glib album title is pretty fucking funny, no? –Art Ettinger (Papágajův Hlasatel, phr.cz)


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Теги: Hardcore Punk, UK 82
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