The Fear - Here Goes Nothing (2012)

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The Fear - Here Goes Nothing (2012)Исполнитель: The Fear
Альбом: Here Goes Nothing
Год: 2012
Страна: UK (York/Leeds, Yorkshire; England)
Стиль: Technical Melodic Hardcore
Битрейт: 275 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:46:20
Издатель: Lockjaw Records
Размер: 92.17 МБ
1. There Lie Better Days Ahead – 4:21
2. Turn with the world – 4:26
3. Saving Grace – 3:47
4. The Bitter Taste – 3:28
5. Losing Faith – 3:53
6. Enemy Of Sense – 4:09
7. Heavy Hearts & Bloodshot Eyes – 4:21
8. Great News For Typists – 4:28
9. Suspended With Contempt – 4:23
10. The Apple Of My Eye – 4:34
11. Open All Hours – 4:30

НОВАЯ 25.10.2013
НОВАЯ 25.10.2013

Послушать There Lie Better Days Ahead:

Technical and aggressive, intense yet melodic, The Fear (formerly named Death Defying Life) have emerged from the heart of Yorkshire.Drawing on a multitude of influences, blending old-school power and new-school technique with a love of the Punk/Hardcore scene. With their high energy, razor sharp live show, they’re definitely amongst the strongest and most creative melodic hardcore bands in the United Kingdom.
2004 took the band on a two week USA tour ( after 8 months of forming), supporting (Fat Wreck Chords) bands Western Addiction and Kill The Messenger.
In 2007 the band embarked on their first European tour opening 12 dates for American Pop Punkers MXPX and Zebrahead.
July 2011 saw their first European headline tour promoting a recently recorded 7 track EP “Heavy Hearts & Bloodshot Eyes”.
To “pass the time” between tours and recording The Fear have played a torrent of UK shows and festivals alongside Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream, INME, Capdown, This Is A Standoff, Mute, Random Hand, Sonic Boom Six, Fandangle, 4ft Fingers, Fireapple Red, Captain Everything, Glamour Of The Kill, and many others.
The Fear head out to Europe again in April 2012 to promote their debut album which is scheduled for release when they return late spring.

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Melodic Hardcore c влиянием Alternative и Melodic Metalcore, но и Skate Punk тоже напоминает - техничностью.

Послушать было интересно, пожалуй даже альбом оригинален, запомнились 7 и 9.

Для тех кто слушает: This Is A Standoff, A Wilhelm Scream, Rejected Kids, Karbomb и т.п.

Похоже и на Nations Afire - The Ghosts We Will Become (2012) с Rise Against - Endgame (2011).


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не хотел качать, купился на This Is A Standoff и не ошибся. Похожи, музыка хорошая, только слощавость в голосах немного надоедает.

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