Disorder - Kamikaze (2005)

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Disorder - Kamikaze (2005)Исполнитель: Disorder
Альбом: Kamikaze
Год: 2005
Страна: UK (Bristol, England)
Стиль: UK 82
Битрейт: 192 kbps CBR, Lame 3.96r
Длительность: 00:38:44
Издатель: Anagram Records
Размер: 53.54 МБ
1. Kamikaze – 2:39
2. Insane War – 2:15
3. Trap – 2:36
4. General Election – 3:28
5. Riot – 1:39
6. Svenska Tull – 0:19
7. X-Casualty – 3:21
8. Living Dead – 1:41
9. Kamikaze Rides Again – 3:46
10. Homo Saps – 3:35
11. Respect For Authority – 1:52
12. Daily Life – 1:45
13. Education – 2:49
14. Lets Go `Wacky Backy – 2:50
15. Trap – 2:11
16. Save Our Cider – 1:58


Encouraged by the continuing success of their reissue and rarities sets on the Cherry Red-affiliated punk label Anagram, British political punks Disorder reunited again for 2005's Kamikaze. Impressively, the 16 tracks here not only sound of a piece with the band's sterling '80s work, they're performed with just as much energy as they would have been in the band's early days. (Actually, "Insane War" and "Riot" take the nostalgia just a step too far, sounding like they were recorded on a cheap handheld recorder in the band's rehearsal room in the old D.I.Y. fashion.) Unlike most of the other political punk bands of the '80s, such as Crass or the Ex, Disorder have no truck with expanded musical forms or stylistic experimentation: this is one blast after another of inchoate rage packaged in two-minute bursts of hyperspeed drumming, distorted guitars, and screaming vocals. Strictly for fans of the old school, then, but Kamikaze is as brash and invigorating as any of Disorder's earlier releases.

Bristol, England's Disorder emerged in the early '80s out of the second wave of British punk. The group took the D.I.Y. aesthetic so much to heart that they refused to sign with a record company, releasing their music on their own eponymously named label instead, beginning with the 1981 EP Complete Disorder. 1983's Mental Disorder EP aligned the group with politically charged punks like Crass and Conflict.


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