Inhuman - Last Rites (2007)

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Категория: punk, hardcore, sludge & metal

Inhuman - Last Rites (2007)Исполнитель: Inhuman
Альбом: Last Rites
Год: 2007
Страна: USA (Brooklyn, NY)
Стиль: NYHC/Punk/Metal
Битрейт: 192 kbps CBR, iTunes v7.4.2.4
Длительность: 00:31:53
Издатель: I Scream Records
Размер: 44.22 МБ
1. Last Rites – 2:43
2. Fashist – 1:56
3. Heretic – 3:25
4. What You Wanted – 4:39
5. Mania – 1:59
6. The Dream Is Not Dead – 2:53
7. A Fine Line – 2:38
8. Ghost – 2:15
9. Grindhouse – 2:37
10. Bitter And Jaded – 1:34
11. The Lost – 5:14


Bass – Hank Hell
Drums – Steve Gallo
Guitar – Joseph James
Vocals – Mike Scondotto

Inhuman - Last Rites (2007)Founded in the summer of 1995 by vocalist Michael Scondotto, INHUMAN combines the sounds of the late 80's NYHC scene with Punk Rock and Metal, to create a new hybrid of dark, aggressive music. No strangers to the underground, INHUMAN have released 3 full length cds, 3 7"eps and have appeared on countless compilations over the years. It was in late 2002 that the band ended their near 3 year period of silence with the release of the mcd entitled "Black Reign" (now out of print) on the Belgian based Released Power Productions. In 2003, INHUMAN did their first ever tour of Europe to much success in support of this release. It was also in 2003 that the bands third full length “The New Nightmare” was released on A-F Records. Receiving excellent press and airplay, this release opened Inhuman up to a new audience with stand out tracks like “Killing Me” and “Brooklyn Bastards”.

Late 2006 saw the return of former drummer Steve Gallo (also in Agnostic Front, along with guitarist Joseph James) as Inhuman put the finishing touches on new material for “Last Rites”, the bands debut for I Scream Records. Recorded by Dean Baltulonis (SICK OF IT ALL, MADBALL, MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD) at The Wild Arctic in the late spring of 2007, "Last Rites" is INHUMAN’s finest and most diverse release to date. From the metallic assault of the opening title track and “Heretic”, to Hardcore anthems like “Fash-ist” and "The Dream is Not Dead", to the melodic sounds of "What You Wanted" and “A Fine Line” all the way to the haunting sounds of the closing track "The Lost”, INHUMAN takes the listener on a dark musical journey through the true underground.

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Теги: Hardcore, NYHC, Punk, Metal
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Вокалист Mike Scondotto сейчас в группе The Last Stand и на днях они выпустили альбом, так что думаю самое время залить этот альбом.

На альбоме Hardcore песни и Punk/Metal песни на мой слух слегка напоминающие Sludge Metal/Dood Metal.


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