The Varukers - One Struggle One Fight (Reissue 2000) (1985)

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The Varukers - One Struggle One Fight (Reissue 2000) (1985)Исполнитель: The Varukers
Альбом: One Struggle One Fight (Reissue 2000)
Год: 2000 (Original release 1985)
Страна: UK (Lemington Spa, England)
Стиль: UK 82
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.96r
Длительность: 00:25:31
Издатель: Vinyl Japan
Размер: 58.76 МБ
1. Protect Not Dissect – 3:18
2. A Lesson We Must Never Forget – 2:28
3. Animal's an Animal – 1:51
4. One Struggle, One Fight – 1:48
5. Stop the Killing – 2:42
6. How Can Your Conscience Allow This to Go On? – 2:02
7. The Fear of Mankind – 2:13
8. We Hint at Things Nuclear – 2:15
9. In South Africa – 2:35
10. Presistence Resistance – 2:44
11. Killed by Man's Own Hand – 1:37


В этом издании нет Live треков (Will They Never Learn? и Enter A New Phase) и другое расположение песен.

The Varukers were anything but fading as they came to record One Struggle One Fight. No matter that five long years had elapsed since their fiery debut, nor that the band was locked into the same impending hardcore hell that had devoured so many of their early-'80s contemporaries. Still, the Varukers remained as determined and, on a good night, delirious as ever. Featuring 13 songs, including a couple of blazing live numbers ("Will They Never Learn" and "Enter of a New Phase"), One Struggle One Fight is a very good night indeed, machine-gunning slogans, rhythms, and breakneck guitar attack into the ether, and debuting the band's own label, Liberate, with passionate flair. But audience expectations were changing, the music scene in general was shifting, and the punk bands that had survived into the mid-'80s were essentially flying blind, uncertain what their fans now wanted and unsure whether they could deliver it. Two or three years earlier, One Struggle One Fight would have been proclaimed classic Varukers. In 1985, it scarcely registered. The band broke up just a year or so later. ~ Dave Thompson, All Music Guide

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Теги: Hardcore Punk, UK 82
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