VA - This is what feminism sounds like (Riot Grrrl 2)

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Категория: v.a.

VA - This is what feminism sounds like (Riot Grrrl 2)Исполнитель: VA
Альбом: This is what feminism sounds like
Стиль: punk
Страна: Different Countries
Качество: 128-320 Kbits
Размер: 298,7 Mb

Abstract Random-Playdead
Adjkfs-The Ride to Earth
Adrift Da Belle-More
All or Nothing H.C.-Racist, Classist, Anti-Gay Bullshit
Anti-Corpos-Brincando De Lgualdade
Badkat-Sticks and Stones
Bam! Bam!-Golden Haze Two
Bertha Lutz-Feminism? Yes, please
Bonnie MacAllister-Fighting the Creep
Cat Venom-Old Meat
Crash Paris-Take You Down
Dance On Your Grave-Paper Guns
Dead by Pregnancy-Got Killed
Dear Darling, Hello-One Less Promise
Decibelles-The End Of A Reign
Dirty-Call 034
Eat The Daisies-Saturday Nite
Echo Beach-Rock n Roll Fantasy (Pink Mountaintops cover)
Esper Scout-Shed Some Light
Finn Moustache-Wer Sich Umdrehte
Fourth Wave-Boner!
Hearts Under Fire-We’ve Come Too Far To Live In The Past
Hello Killu-Wat Zoek Je
Hilary Allen-How Are You All Doing This Evening
Hooker-I Almost Miss You
Husbands ‘N’ Knives-Babalon
Isy Rebel & Boy MJ-Black Poison
Jeliza Rose-Flip Flop
Jolly Goods-If I Were A Woman
Kitty Kawaii-Summertime
La Chatte, Amizade!-Fasterharder
Las Gusanas-Let You Go!
Lena Stoehrfaktor-Kategorie Ich
Lilidollrage-Horror Song
Lost Luna-Pink Bloc
Mary Ocher-The Sound Of War
Maybecyborgs-Are You Tired? Me Too
Mrs. Howl-Yellow Lamp
Muddy River-Bad Words
Nicky Click-Pop Diva
Norah Noizzze and Band-Winterdepression
Notic Nastic-Illuminati Bitch
P Naga-My Angel
Pollyanna-Boy (Book Of Love)
Pom Pom-Your Little Flower
Pure Magical Love-Shapeshifter
Pussy Riot-Putin Has Pissed Himself
Räuberhöhle-My Heart Bleeps Noisy Beeps (Kirmes Remix)
Samantha Schindler-Tight Ass (Theres no such Thing as Chivalry)
Scragfight-Holloway Holiday
Sellofan-I want it now
She Said Destroy-Polaroid Me
Shirley Holmes-Ride On Me
Siete Armas-The Silence
Slutty Hearts-Helicopter
Spat-Robot (Demo)
Stereowoolf-When I was a Baby Feminist
Ten Tigers-Superlucky
Terminal Parade-The Castle of Disco Hell
The Dethkats-Bunny Bunny
The Happening-Gunshow
The Horny Bitches-Necro Maniac
The Potential Lunatics-Kool Boyz
The Ragnoutaz-Boycheerleader
The Shondes-Give Me What You’ve Got
The White Noise Supremacists-Big Strong White Man
Tic-Tac-Oh-Look Inside
Violent Vickie-Come & Run


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