The Explosion - Falsh Flash Flash (2000)

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The Explosion - Falsh Flash Flash (2000)Исполнитель: The Explosion
Альбом: Falsh Flash Flash
Год: 2000
Страна: USA (Boston, Massachusetts)
Стиль: Street Punk
Битрейт: 222 kbps VBR V2, Lame 3.92
Длительность: 00:27:22
Издатель: Jade Tree Records
Размер: 47.13 МБ
1. No Revolution - 2:21
2. God Bless The S.O.S. - 1:36
3. Reactor - 2:25
4. Broken Down And Out - 2:10
5. Outbound Line - 2:13
6. Tarantulas Attack - 1:28
7. Terrorist - 2:46
8. The Ideal - 1:41
9. If You Don't Know - 2:09
10. Novocaine - 1:20
11. Leave It In The Dirt - 1:47
12. Conniption Fit - 1:59
13. Points West - 1:34
14. True Or False - 1:54


It's more than a record; it's a sonic revolt. Fourteen brand new tracks by Boston's fiercest street punk band since Choke was Jack and Springa went metal. The anti-establishment just found their musical middle finger.

From the opening call of Flash Flash Flash's "No Revolution," Boston's punk rock patriots the Explosion make their statement quite clear. Lyrics like "We look to the past, and ask for nothing more" drive home the band's unapologetic point -- sure they wish it was 1977, but they know full well that it isn't. With that in mind, the band's debut LP still sees them tumble through 14 tracks of dirty Clash-styled punk rock in under a half hour -- a performance that would make their forefathers proud. It's simple music and far from mind-blowing lyrics that form the basis of the Explosion's attack, but it's their high-energy attitude that carries their music to the next level. Tracks like "Terrorist" and "God Bless the S.O.S" are short speedy bursts of punk packed with catchy choruses and thick guitars, a recipe that the band often employs and generally finds success with. After their poorly recorded first EP, Flash Flash Flash's to-the-point presentation makes it clear that all this band needed was a little polishing to make a great record. They certainly got it down this time around, and the result is one of the better punk albums to arise from a scene that has already lasted a few more decades than expected.

Million Dollar Matt Hock: Vocals
Sam Cave: Guitar
Dave Walsh: Guitar
Damian Genuardi: Bass (also Cover Art & Silkscreens)
Dan Colby: Drums

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