Cashless - From Sparks To Fire (2011)

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Cashless - From Sparks To Fire (2011)Исполнитель: Cashless
Альбом: From Sparks To Fire
Год: 2011
Страна: Germany (Arnstorf/Regensburg, Bavaria)
Стиль: Rock
Битрейт: 233 kbps VBR V2, Lame 3.97
Длительность: 00:49:01
Издатель: My Redemption Records
Размер: 82.95 МБ
1. How To Move – 3:01
2. Wrong Side – 3:51
3. Hold On – 3:15
4. You And The Boys – 3:27
5. This Love's Blood – 2:54
6. Stand-By – 2:42
7. Vacation – 3:01
8. Missing You – 3:45
9. Light In The Dark – 3:05
10. Love's Easy Tears – 3:43
11. Meet Me In The Mornig – 3:23
12. Voices – 3:56
Bonus Tracks:
13. This Love's Blood (Acoustic) – 3:20
14. How To Move (Acoustic) – 2:35
15. Hold On (Acoustic) – 03:03


CASHLESS are hitting it hard since 2000. A whole decade full of faith, dedication and love for music. Their new album is called “From Sparks To Fire”, and the name is the game. These guys know: “You gotta work hard to keep the dream alive. Especially when you’re from a no-man’s-land like us. No sparks, no fire!”

“From Sparks To Fire” sounds fresh and familiar at the same time. The songwriting-process for their third record was influenced by contemporary punk/rock music as well as 60s/70s heroes like Springsteen and The Clash. CASHLESS come around with a brand new sound that is soulful and catchy – but always with an edge.

The opening track “How To Move” is a driving rock anthem with Foo Fighters spirit and a chorus that will stay in your head forever. “You And The Boys” sounds like a perfect Van-Morrison-Acoustic-Punk-Hybrid with its harmonica and Hammond B-3, and “Wrong Side” surprises with epic sing-alongs and a furious E-Street-Sax at its best.

The true soul of “From Sparks To Fire” can be found in the lyrics. CASHLESS always put their hearts into words. Simple, but honest. “Hold On” and “Missing You” may contain heartbreak-lyrics that some might call “over-sentimental” – But nobody calls Mike Ness a cry-baby, right?
My Redemption Records, Punk-Rock, Rock´n´Roll, Hardcore Label, Home of Cashless, The Rudes, Black Velvet. /

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