Lamb Of God - Resolution (2012)

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Категория: sludge & metal

Lamb Of God - Resolution (2012)Исполнитель: Lamb Of God
Альбом: Resolution
Год: 2012
Страна: USA (Richmond, Virginia)
Стиль: Groove Metal
Битрейт: 283 kbps VBR V0, Lame 3.98.4
Длительность: 00:56:18
Издатель: Epic Records
Размер: 116.68 МБ
1. Straight For The Sun - 2:26
2. Desolution - 3:54
3. Ghost Walking - 4:30
4. Guilty - 3:24
5. The Undertow - 4:46
6. The Number Six - 5:21
7. Barbarosa (Instr.) - 1:35
8. Invictus - 4:12
9. Cheated - 2:35
10. Insurrection - 4:51
11. Terminally Unique - 4:21
12. To The End - 3:49
13. Visitation - 3:59
14. King Me - 6:36


2012 release from the Metal favorites. Resolution is the follow up to their Grammy nominated album Wrath. Produced by Josh Wilbur, the album features 14 songs and comes in a deluxe softpak with artwork by longtime art director Ken Adams. Resolution is a 100 percent trend-free and intelligently constructed album that could power a small country with its unstoppable energy and potent riffery. Guitarist Mark Morton says that "unlike any other album before, this album was written over the course of a couple of years, at least with the guitars. Willie and I starting songwriting as soon as we started touring Wrath." As a result, Resolution boasts some of the most Punk Rock moments and some of the bluesiest moments of the band's recorded career, perhaps fostered along by the liveliness of the writing-on-the-road process. The album was recorded in various studios in Virginia and New York.

Lyrical themes:
Pain, Misery, Misanthropy, Politics, Heresy, Anti-Religion, Apocalypse...

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Теги: Groove Metal
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