Rufio - Perhaps, I Suppose... (Deluxe Edition) (Reissue) (2005)

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Rufio - Perhaps, I Suppose... (Deluxe Edition) (Reissue) (2005)Исполнитель: Rufio
Альбом: Perhaps, I Suppose... (Deluxe Edition) (Reissue)
Год: 2005
Страна: USA (Rancho Cucamonga, California)
Стиль: Skate Punk/Pop Punk
Битрейт: 238 kbps VBR V2, Lame 3.90
Длительность: 01:01:39
Издатель: The Militia Group
Размер: 105.58 МБ
1. Above Me – 3:12
2. Still – 3:04
3. One Slowdance – 4:15
4. In My Eyes – 2:59
5. She Cries – 3:54
6. Dipshit – 2:54
7. Just A Memory – 2:33
8. Face The Truth – 3:12
9. Raining In September – 0:36
10. Road To Recovery – 3:33
11. Stop Whining – 2:39
12. Selfishness – 3:26
13. Tears – 3:03
14. Save The World – 3:31
15. The Wrath – 1:49
Bonus Tracks:
16. About Me (Demo) – 3:12
17. Road To Recovery (Demo) – 3:33
18. One Slowdance (Demo) – 4:21
19. Just A Memory (Demo) – 2:34
20. Save The World (Demo) – 3:19


Re-Mixed, Re-Mastered, Re-Packaged with 5 additional bonus tracks.

"Years ago when Rufio popped up on my radar, I was endlessly spinning records like New Found Glory's self titled and Midtown's Save the World, Lose the Girl. Rufio proved a welcomed addition to my collection as some of the fastest, most technical, and melodic pop-punk I had ever heard. Despite the ultra quick pace and rapid fire guitar work, I was impressed that they could still translate emotion. No matter how immature or youthful, the music still communicated feeling. Almost 5 years later, most of the bands I used to cherish have now changed, some more drastically than others, and justifiably so. Generally speaking, today's scene is on the lookout for a darker, more aggressive, and far more profound breed of sounds. Essentially any of the albums that were once my favorites, released currently, would probably be slandered, even by myself, and swallowed into nothingness. However, Rufio have bore the waves of time like only a handful of others have been able to." -

- Группа берет свое название от Rufio - лидера Потерянных Мальчиков, из произведения Дж. Барри о Питере Пэне.

- Дебютный альбом группы Perhaps, I Suppose... вышел в 2001 году.

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В основном Skate Punk есть налет Pop Punk, ну это по восприятию, есть и более Pop Punk ориентированныйе номера - One Slowdance, She Cries, Face The Truth.

Save The World - лучшая песня у них, для меня.
Just A Memory - сложная и техничная.


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