Wasted Youth - Regan's In & Get Out Of My Yard! (Compilation) (1990)

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Категория: hardcore, thrashcore, fastcore & powerviolence

Wasted Youth - Regan's In & Get Out Of My Yard! (Compilation) (1990)Исполнитель: Wasted Youth (AKA LA's Wasted Youth)
Альбом: Reagan's In / Get Out Of My Yard! ) (Compilation)
Год: 1990
Страна: USA (Los Angeles, California)
Стиль: Hardcore/Thrash
Битрейт: 320 kbps CBR, Lame 3.98r
Длительность: 00:30:08
Издатель: Medusa Records
Размер: 70.13 МБ
Reagan's In (1981) (Стиль: Thrash, Длительность: 00:13:15):
1. Fuck Authority – 1:41
2. You're A Jerk – 0:54
3. We Were On Heroin – 1:07
4. Punk For A Day – 1:37
5. Flush The Bouncers – 1:15
6. Reagan's In – 1:03
7. Problem Child – 2:06
8. Teenage Nark – 0:53
9. Uni-High Beefrag – 1:03
10. Born Deprived – 1:36
Get Out Of My Yard! (1986) (Стиль: Hardcore, Длительность: 00:16:53):
11. Young And Bored – 2:22
12. Blind Nuns – 2:41
13. Ethiopian Nightmare – 3:59
14. Happy Birthday – 2:52
15. Missionary Imposition – 2:10
16. Tormented – 2:49


Wasted Youth - Regan's In & Get Out Of My Yard! (Compilation) (1990)Оригинальный треклист для Reagan's In (1981) (Издатель: ICI/Sanoblast):
1. Reagan's In
2. Problem Child
3. Teenage Nark
4. Uni-High Beefrag
5. Born Deprived
6. Fuck Authority
7. You're a Jerk
8. We Were On Heroin
9. Punk for a Day
10. Flush the Bouncers

1. Another real horrorshow L.A. punk band, WASTED YOUTH (not the Limey wimprockers) succeeds where the Adolescents and TSOL failed. Faster, more intense, younger and better produced. Vocals: Danny Spira (sounds a bit like Tony Cadena), Guitar: Chett Lehreh (great fast distortion, go!), Bass: Jeff Long and Drums: Allen Stiritz (bam de bam, stomp stomp). Simply a very good album of beach bashing surf-n-skate hardcore. Best cuts: "Reagan's In", "Problem Child", and "Fuck Authority". Also great cover by Pushead Lamort.
-Bob Moore, from NOISE #7, 1981

2. Often compared to Black Flag, Wasted Youth was a great punk band in its own right and was among the exciting bands to come from the Los Angeles punk scene of the late '70s/early '80s. If you're looking for slickness, you won't find it on Reagan's In, a ten-song EP that first came out in 1981. Reagan's In is about as raw as it gets -- not only does the production (or lack of production) reject slickness completely, but also, the lyrics are extremely raw, direct, and gut-level. This is true of snarling socio-political rants like the title song (an inflammatory attack on President Ronald Reagan), "Born Deprived," and "Fuck Authority," as well as the crude, off-color "Uni-High Beefrag." Wasted Youth's lyrics are about as subtle as a sledgehammer, but then, subtlety isn't what the L.A. residents were going for -- like Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, and other L.A. punk outfits of that era, Wasted Youth follows its gut instincts. And on this very angry EP, those instincts serve the band well. ~ Alex Henderson


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Наконец то послушал этих ребят, собирался даже не скажу сколько лет назад 4, 3, 2....

Get Out Of My Yard! (1986) - вокал супер, очень понравилось, даже не ожидал.

По длине тянут только на EP, но считаются как: Reagan's In (1981) - альбом, Get Out Of My Yard! (1986) - мини-альбом.

То что Old School понятно думаю, Reagan's In (1981) - Thrash Punk, Get Out Of My Yard! (1986) Hardcore Punk. Обычно просто употребляющий в общем Hardcore Punk, а там может быть Hardcore, Thrash, Crust, D-beat и пр., зачастую не выделяют и Punk не пишут после. Я например употребляю Hardcore Punk (кстати и Punk Rock), часто для обозначения того что это Old School, потом пошли тенденции Metal подмешать или звук ближе к Metal сделать.


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