Consumed - Hit For Six (1999)

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Consumed - Hit For Six (1999)Исполнитель: Consumed
Альбом: Hit For Six
Год: 1999
Страна: UK (Nottingham, England)
Стиль: Hardcore-Skate Punk
Битрейт: 253 kbps VBR V2, Lame 3.90
Длительность: 00:34:04
Издатель: Fat Wreck Chords
Размер: 61.88 МБ
1. SunnySide Up – 2:29
2. On The Take Again – 2:01
3. Wake Up With A Smile – 2:45
4. King Kong Song – 3:08
5. Nicky Fry – 1:53
6. Something To Do – 1:50
7. Lead The Way – 2:24
8. Twat Called Maurice – 2:40
9. ButterSide Down – 2:31
10. Do The Duchess – 2:27
11. Chop Suicide – 2:33
12. Promoter Head – 1:49
13. Black And Blue – 2:57
14. Start Living – 2:33


Hailing from a a town just minutes away from Sherwood Forest, Consumed have spent the last 4 years stealing from the rich and giving to the punks. Giving great melodic punk tunes, that is!

With their first release on FAT, Breakfast at Pappa’s, Consumed established themselves as one of the best punk bands in the Queen’s great land! Their second Fat release, the Hit For Six full length, put them in line for a knighting!

Following their debut EP, Breakfast at Pappa’s, Consumed’s first full length record will have you demanding that these Brits be knighted by the Queen herself.

On Hit for Six, Brit punks Consumed deliver a searing swarm of hardcore guitars and drums. A few of the songs have tender, lovey-dovey vocals, but it is hard to tell because you are being jack-hammered into the ground by the quartet's sonic attack. All is not peace and love, though. For every "Sunnyside Up" -- a song that expresses the best in punk love -- there is the biting violence of "Black and Blue," which is about a guy getting his face flattened with a shovel. Consumed keep the variety coming throughout the album, with the one consistent element being the explosive metal-tinged punk that never stops. ~ Stacia Proefrock

Hailing from Sherwood Forest, located in Nottinghamshire, England, the Robin Hood loving foursome known as Consumed blast out pop-punk nuggets boosted with rocket fuel and plenty of venom. On their debut full-length, the band fits in perfectly with the Fat roster, serving up typical pop-punk with a razor sharp twist.It's true, Consumed embraces the typical, beat to death pop-punk sound commonly referred to as skate punk or hardcore pop-punk. And, though the songs suffer from the plague, typically referred to as the 'Fat Sound,' referring to the band's label, Fat Wreck Chords, the band still has some ass-kicking beats to make you sit up and listen. Songs like "Twat Called Maurice" "Wake Up With A Smile," and "King Kong Song" all find the band at the top of their game, churning out loud, abrasive, hard-hitting melodic punk with hardcore rearing its face now and then. It's songs like these, and the power they possess, that help make the band more than your run-of-the-mill pop-punk act. As a whole, the album is a decent, already-been-done collection of sound-alike pop-punk tunes. But, taken apart, each song has enough engine thrust to kick some ass. The whole is not greater than the sum of all its parts, so don't expect much. And, if you don't expect much, what is here will give you something to punk out too. I'll give it a C.
--- Alex Steininger, In Music We Trust

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