In.Stora - Miasma (2004)

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Категория: hardcore, emocore, screamo & emoviolence, metalcore

In.Stora - Miasma (2004)Исполнитель: In.Stora
Альбом: Miasma
Жанр: Hardcore / Screamo / Post-hardcore / Metalcore
Cтрана: Latvia
Год: 2004
Битрейт: 320 kbit/s
Размер: 96.9 MB
1. Cain's Stolen the Breathing Mask (4:27)
2. AKLS20: Meklēju Koncentrātu! Zvani... (5:28)
3. (Untitled) (5:52)
4. This Might Be A Nice Day if Only We Could See It (1:47)
5. Saviour Paranoia Disco (3:09)
6. Slow Dance (3:42)
7. If Your Brains Were Dynamite It Wouldn't be Enough to Blow Off Your Hat (3:35)
8. Nāve Pirmdienā (11:06)

Info from
In.Stora was a hardcore / screamo band formed in Rīga, Latvia in the beginning of 2002 and consisted of four members: Kaspars, Dāvis, Jancis and Aga.

In.Stora continued things that were started by the He’dUp, which split up after the tragic death of their bass player Artūrs “Arch” Logins.

In the beginning In.Stora had more nu-metal touch to their music but, during the time, music has changed a lot since band got more and more involved into the hardcore and punk scene.

In the end of 2002. In.Stora’s self-released first EP “We All Deal With This” came out and later that year, another EP “How Comes You Don’t Get Bored of All the Happy Endings on Screen” was recorded in Phoenix Studio in Rīga and released on Kablys Records. In Fall of 2004 they released 8 song album “Miasma” on Moscow’s label Old Skool Kids.

In.Stora disbanded in October 2005.

After the break-up Dāvis & Jancis started a new band called Tesa which so far has released 3 albums. Aga joined the band called Noon. Kaspars turned more to visual arts and experimental music.

Currently band members are related with such notable Latvian independent music scene bands as 9Horizon, Tesa, Silards, Holy Lamb, The Black Drummer Is a Slave, and more.


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