Cyber Punk - Detect Effect (2001)

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Категория: 8bit, nintendоcоre, digital hardcore

Cyber Punk - Detect Effect (2001)Исполнитель: Cyber Punk
Альбом: Detect Effect
Жанр: Rhythmic Power Punk, Noise
Cтрана: Latvia
Год: 2001
Битрейт: 320 kbit/s
Размер: 65.4 MB
1. Voice Sonic Blast (4:18)
2. Human Race Hero (2:59)
3. Hack Crack Attack (3:08)
4. 7trust Yourself (4:08)
5. Gamers (1:31)
6. What Do You Feel? (2:28)
7. Soldier (2:21)
8. Detect Effect (2:26)
9. Kill The Rich (2:44)
10. Voice Power Blast (2:24)

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In 1994 two young post soviet punks with the instinct of freedom in their blood started concentrate their minds on the newest and most progressive thing on earth - the personal computer. Many trips and events happened in the next five years… After long years of denying capitalism and all its shit, to keep free souls we started working in the digital art and electronic music industry. Cyberpunk as a Band started to play in 2000. After some powerful performances, song releases and video clips, in 2004 the band members took a break from music.


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