The Briefs - Steal Yer Heart (2005)

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The Briefs - Steal Yer Heart (2005)Исполнитель: The Briefs
Альбом: Steal Yer Heart
Год: 2005
Страна: USA (Seattle, Washington)
Стиль: Punk Rock
Битрейт: 236 kbps VBR, Lame 3.90
Длительность: 00:28:15
Издатель: BYO Records
Размер: 56.2 МБ
01. Genital General – 1:57
02. Criminal Youth – 3:08
03. Move Too Slow – 1:31
04. Lint Fabrik – 2:29
05. Getting Hit On At The Bank – 2:37
06. Stuck On You – 2:22
07. I Can't Work – 1:45
08. Can't Get Through – 2:05
09. My Girl (Wants To Be A Zombie) – 1:11
10. Normal Jerks – 3:19
11. Forty and Above – 2:07
12. Razorblade Heart – 3:44


Hailing from the caffeinated hub, Seattle, The Briefs' exquisite '77 style of pogo inducing punk rock can get any crowd moving. The classic song "Poor and Weird", from their freshman release Hit After Hit, helped put the band on the musical radar. The story after that is history (and involves a quick, as the Briefs say, "In and Out" with a major label) and back to their current home BYO Records.

Steal Yer Heart marks the bands fourth full length release and offers up 12 of the most enjoyable 2 minute shocks of punk rock that your heart can ever desire. On this outing, the band has moved into the bizarre world of their romantic selves with songs like "Razorblade Heart", "Stuck On You", and the almost offensive, "40 & Above", Never fear, you can expect to find another peak into the absurd world of the Briefs who are quickly becoming part of every music lovers essential collection and there's no sign of slowing down.


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На этом альбоме звук стал чуть ближе к современному и появились Pop Punk приемы 80-х годов, манера игры осталась прежней.


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