Karbomb - Nose Before Toes (2011)

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Категория: punk, hardcore

Karbomb - Nose Before Toes (2011)Исполнитель: Karbomb
Альбом: Nose Before Toes
Год: 2011
Страна: USA (Athens, Georgia)
Стиль: Technical Punk
Битрейт: 267 kbps (VBR) V0
Длительность: 00:43:24
Издатель: Warbird Entertainment
Размер: 83.03 МБ
01. Punx Been Dead We're Just Stupid - 3:22
02. Sex, Lunch, And Rock And Roll - 2:42
03. Bastard Flu - 3:49
04. Below The Boot - 4:31
05. Always In The Crowd - 3:30
06. Vegan And Scara - 3:21
07. Town Cars And Gay Bars - 2:32
08. Empty Bottles - 3:57
09. Lucky Dog - 4:00
10. Jon - 4:21
11. Total And Complete Gnarliness - 3:33
12. This Party Boat Is Sinking - 3:46


Fast/Melodic/Anthemic Punk Rock that delivers a "fuck you" to authority and nay-sayers alike. With elements of East Coast style hardcore and west coast attitude, these dirty southern punkers always give everything they have and leave it all on the stage.

KarbomB is a four piece punk rock band from Athens, GA. Starting in 2005 as a straight forward fast, sloppy, joke band, the sound has evolved over the years into more of a technical and melodic beast. If you take the speed and technicality of bands like NOFX and Lagwagon, stir in powerful melodies of bands like Face to Face, and top it off with the vocal hostility of acts like American Steel, and stir of course, you get Karbomb. Delightful Irish beverage or Kamakaze Killer? You be the judge. With lead vocals coming from the drummer and a balls out stage show, Karbomb sets themselves apart from the norms of traditional punk rock. They've shared the stage all over the Southeast with such names as The Queers, Alkaline Trio, Guttermouth, Down By Law, The New Threat, The Spears, Worn in Red, No Fuego, The Bastard Suns, The Independents, Guff, and many many more... Karbomb is an erratic band of hard working punk rockers with no plans to let up at all. Jump into the pit!


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Теги: Punk, Skate Punk
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Написал Technical Punk, хотя это по смыслу схоже с употреблением Skate Punk, т.е. техничный, быстрый (или достаточно быстрый) с использованием мелодий и приемов Hardcore. По звуку напоминает Pennywise - Unknown Road (1993) и по манере игры тоже.

“Nose Before Toes” was recorded at The Factory in Atlanta, GA and produced by Joe Queer of The Queers.

Схожесть в обложках с Rejected Kids - A New Chapter Has Begun (2011) нельзя не отметить.

Выделю - Sex, Lunch, And Rock And Roll.


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randy thunderbird напомнило

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Karbomb - "The Bastard Flu" A BlankTV Premiere!:


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