Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics [LP] (2011)

Автор: A.I. от 12 декабря 2011, посмотрело: 1889

Категория: punk, hardcore, thrashcore, fastcore & powerviolence, ska & reggae

Opposition Rising - Aftermathematics [LP] (2011)Исполнитель: Opposition Rising
Альбом: Aftermathematics [LP]
Год: 2011
Страна: USA (Boston, Massachusetts)
Стиль: DIY Hardcore Punk/Thrash/Reggae
Битрейт: 287 kbps (VBR) -V0
Длительность: 00:23:15
Издатель: Opposition Records, Active Rebellion (UK), Crash Assailant Records, Pirates Press Records, Riot Ska Records (UK), Rodent Popsicle Records, Tankcrimes Records [Free Download]
Размер: 48.95 МБ
01. Rising – 1:24
02. The Rich Are Killing The Poor – 2:05
03. F.T.W. – 2:12
04. Pink-Slip Murder Suicide – 1:54
05. Total Annihilation – 1:44
06. Tell'em Nothing – 2:46
07. Brick By Brick – 2:46
08. Debt Sentence – 2:25
09. Everybody's Lying To You – 2:43
10. Destination Apocalypse – 3:17

Mediafire (архив с http://oppositionrising.bandcamp.com)

OPPOSITION RISING is a new Boston based DIY Hardcore Punk band!
Formed in December 2010 by four well-seasoned veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene with the intent of mixing our favorite elements from all the sub-genres of Punk into one aggressive and brutal yet catchy sound with a strong DIY ethic and intelligent lyrics!

OPPOSITION RECORDS is the record label formed by the band to release our music and merchandise our way! When we formed the band we decided to create something completely DIY so that we would have control over all band decisions and ownership of all our music! One of those decisions was to make all our music available FREE for download at our website and all the usual online resources! Check out our media page for music and our contact page for links!

OPPOSITION RISING has a set it and forget it approach to our social media sites. We only maintain them to get you FREE music and information from the band! We suggest you use their corporate bandwidth to download our music especially if we exceed our limit at our website. If you want something higher quality than mp3’s use our Bandcamp or Soundcloud sites!

Associated acts: Toxic Narcotic, Mouth Sewn Shut


Еще ссылки: http://www.oppositionrising.com/contact.htm

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Поискав инфу про релиз в сети наткнулся таки на ревью Riot Ska Records: "The band features members from Mouth Sewn Shut & Toxic Narcotic"... Сомнения рассеялись окончательно на первой же песне - вокал билла из TхNх не спутаешь ни с кем! Да и само звучание банды узнаваемо. Лично для меня это уже как гарантия качества. По музлу новый проект ближе к Mouth Sewn Shut, то есть "хардкорпанк + регги/ска (но без дудок!)" Причем песен со слабой долей больше половины!! Вцелом очень неожиданный и от этого еще более приятный релиз!!!


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"The band features members from Mouth Sewn Shut & Toxic Narcotic"
Toxic Narcotic перетёк в Mouth Sewn Shut, которые теперь перетекли в Opposition Rising. По сути меняются только названия. Но в любом случае релиз очень хороший!


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Мощный релиз же! Очень рад.

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