No Problem - And Now This [LP] (2011)

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Категория: punk, hardcore, oi & street punk

No Problem - And Now This [LP] (2011)Исполнитель: No Problem
Альбом: And Now This [LP]
Год: 2011
Страна: Canada (Alberta)
Стиль: Hardcore Punk/Raw Punk
Битрейт: 231 kbps (VBR) -V2
Длительность: 00:31:26
Издатель: Deranged Records
Размер: 52.41 МБ
01. Suffocate City – 1:49
02. Most Days – 2:29
03. Enemies – 2:23
04. I Don't Want It – 1:15
05. Wish You Were Here – 2:25
06. Isn't This Fun – 3:15
07. Paranoid Times – 3:24
08. RN'R Deathcamp – 2:48
09. Ghost Car – 1:48
10. Spoiled Little Jerk – 1:35
11. I Got A Bomb – 3:02
12. The Cure – 2:55
13. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead – 2:20


With the Wednesday Night Heroes on indefinite hiatus, lead singer Graeme MacKinnon has put together a new band that picks up where the Heroes left off and then some. No Problem captures the energy of the best moments of the Adolescents and Zero Boys and creates something entirely unique in the process. This is hardcore punk the way it should be: pissed off yet catchy as hell anthems that will stick in your head for days and make you want to either start your own band or destroy every shitty one out there.

Debut full length from Canada’s NO PROBLEM is an absolute hardcore punk scorcher. With two great 7"s in 2010-2011, this album showcases a band at ease with their ‘sound’ - blending hardcore and punk with plenty of big riffs and melodies, not unlike Fucked Up’s pre Matador days. Consistent with their earlier recordings, AND NOW THIS is essentially a hardcore record with melodic punk sensibilities similar to the ADOLESCENTS and the OBSERVERS. Featuring Graeme from the Wednesday Night Heroes and recorded by Jonah Falco from Fucked Up.

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Lead singer Graeme MacKinnon from Wednesday Night Heroes

Hardcore Punk в духе начала 80-х, со ставкой больше на искаженный звук и скорость, а не на тяжесть звучания. Большинство песен скорее Punk (Raw Punk) - Raw Adolescents 81.

Звук - главная особенность.

5 из 5.


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