M.I.A. - Lost Boys (Compilation) (2001)

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Категория: hardcore, punk

M.I.A. - Lost Boys (Compilation) (2001)Исполнитель: M.I.A.
Альбом: Lost Boys (Compilation)
Год выхода: 2001
Страна: USA
Жанр: Punk Rock / Hardcore Punk
Время: 1:12:08
Качество: VBR
Размер: 95,8
1 Modern Way
2 Small Man In A Big World
3 All I Know
4 What's Your Problem
5 Boredom Is The Reason
6 Who Will Survive
7 Used To Know Me
8 Murder In A Foreign Place
9 Las Vegas
10 Reality Is Killing Me
11 There Is No Love
12 Turning Into What You Hate
13 Just A Dream
14 Tell Me Why
15 Gas Crisis
16 Cold Sweat
17 I Hate Hippies
18 Angry Youth
19 All The President's Skin
20 Fucking Zones
21 I Can't Take It No More
22 New Left
23 Kill
24 SchoolBoy
25 'Tomic Bomb
26 Who Cares
27 Hatin' Life
28 Machine Gun Etiquette
29 Boredom Is The Reason
30 Above The Crowd
31 Make A Choice
32 Voices In The Dark
33 Haven't You Heard
34 Never Again
35 The Other Side
36 Rhythm Of Life
37 We Will Speak Out
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