Cosmonauts Day - Live Demos (EP) 2011

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Категория: Post-Rock & Post-Metal

Cosmonauts Day - Live Demos (EP) 2011Исполнитель: Cosmonauts Day
Альбом: Live Demos (EP)
Жанр: post-metal/post-rock/shoegaze
Cтрана: Moscow, Russia
Год: 2011
Битрейт: любой
Размер: 70 Mb
1. Cave of Trees
2. Eashmeah
3. Scott Von Scogin
4. The Last Watchman


некоторые отзывы:
The band plays epic Spaced Out Sludge/Post Rock/Post Metal Music. If your into ISIS, Pelican and Russian Circles then you will dig these guys. As I sure did. Big Time!!!

All of the tracks are excellently played from start to finish. Things start of quiet but then build up to a major sound of loud and long drawn out guitar riffs that will have you crying out for more.

This album has an ace up it’s sleeve – The 10 minute classic – “Scott Von Scogin” – You will have this track on repeat for a long time to come as I did. Heavy riff after heavy riff.

If the guys really did play these tracks live then they will be something special to see live. As they are all excellent musicians. The production is outstanding on this release. All of the tracks are crisp and clear. You can hear all of the individual instruments brilliantly.

Some really cool Spaced Out Dreamy Moments are included on the tracks. Before some shattering Post-metal guitars kick in. Another cracking release to own from the underground scene.

If this is their Demo Material I cant wait to see a full proper release. As these guys have huge potential that can rival Pelican and Russian Circles. Definitely one band to keep an eye on in the future. (c) (UK)


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