Ill Repute - Positive Charged (1997)

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Ill Repute - Positive Charged (1997)Исполнитель: Ill Repute
Альбом: Positive Charged
Год: 1997
Страна: USA
Стиль: Hardcore punk
Размер: 141 МБ
1 No Hope
2 Boot Camp
3 Death Row
4 We'll Get Back At Them
5 Greed
6 Clean Cut American Kid
7 When You Win You Lose
8 Don't Be Like Them
9 Punk Love
10 Can't Fuck Your Money
11 Judgement Day
12 In Society/Who Cares
13 I Won't Kill For You
14 Strike Back
15 Thirsty Eyes
16 P.T. Blues
17 Sluts
18 Rapid Pulse
19 Propaganda
20 Pressure
20 Pressure
21 Why Us
22 Don't Get Used
23 Hit'N Run
24 Bad Rep
25 Takin' Care Of Biz
26 Pluto's Mad Lab
27 Who Caresho Needs You
28 In Society/
29 Noise
30 Clean Cut American Kid
31 Monster Mash
32 Cherry Cherry
33 When You Win You Lose
34 Judgement Day
35 Count The Odds
36 Stop & Think
37 It's Not Gonna Happen To Me
39 Death Row
40 Bad Rep
41 Macho Mock
42 Sluts
43 Greed

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No Hope!

Includes a recording session for an unreleased first LP, a live set from 1982 and a live radio set from 1985. So. California Positve Hardcore.
Tracks 1 to 35 recorded @ Goldmine, Ventura, CA.
Tracks 36 to 38 recorded live on KCSB radio, Santa Barbara, CA.
Tracks 39 to 43 recorded live @ T-Bird Rollerdome, Pico Rivera, CA.

1-19 - Recorded June 1982
20-35 - Recorded September 1982
36-38 - Recorded Live June 1985 On KCSB
39-43 - Recorded Live November 1982

Забавно - издавалось на лейбле GTA - Grand Theft Audio

"Positive Charged" contains a whopping 43 tracks from the legendary punk band from Oxnard, California - Ill Repute - founders of the classic "nardcore" sound.

Man, with that many songs in less than an hour and fifteen minutes, just listening to this CD is a cardiovascular workout. Some of the recording quality here isn't so great due to the early, inexpensive recording methods (some of the material hereon goes back to 1982) but in now way does that take away from the overall coolness of the release.

"Positive Charged" is gritty, edgy music -- just the way punk should be. These songs take no prisoners. If you like you punk with a very rough edge, Ill Repute's "Positive Charged" is just for you. If you're unfamiliar with Ill Repute, this ain't a bad place to start, although any of their releases will give you an idea why these local boys are the stuff of legend.

Ill Repute: John - vocals; Tony - guitar; Jim - bass; Carl - drums.


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