What Happens Next? - El Segundo Ano E Alguna Outra Caca (2002)

Автор: FatlooseR от 28 марта 2011, посмотрело: 1187

Категория: thrashcore, fastcore & powerviolence

What Happens Next? - El Segundo Ano E Alguna Outra Caca (2002)Исполнитель: What Happens Next?
Альбом: El Segundo Ano E Alguna Outra Caca
Год: 2002
Страна: USA
Стиль: Trashcore
Размер: 30,1 МБ
01. WHN II- Positive Youth (It’s Not Just For Kids Anymore)
02. A Necklace Of Blackened Ears
03. Through A Childs Eyes
04. Weak Dogs Bark More
05. When Hijras Need Mock No More
06. Opening Shift
07. Stereotypical Male Fantasies – Marketed By Men, Enacted By Women
08. The Price We Pay For Vegan Convenience
09. A Path Without Pattern
10. When Cities Turn To Cemeteries
11. Bread For War – Fresh Sand For The Coliseum
12. Mano A Mano
13. Banner-Sized Poilitics
14. For What!
15. Resolve
16. Exploitation, Assimilation, Violence
17. SSIL
18. Silenzio Statico
19. A Pandowdie For Jason
20. Gladiator Pose
21. The Tribei Claim
22. Ahora Mas Que Nunca
23. Conditioned Consumtion
24. Who Are You Playing For
25. One And All
26. Action Man (B.G.K.)
27. I Thought You Were My Friend
28. War Elephant
29. When It Stops Getting Worse, It’s Bound To Get Better
30. You’re Not Dead Until You’re Forgotten
31. Laugh Till You Die (Death Side)


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