Dir Yassin - Discography

Автор: Женя от 22 ноября 2010, посмотрело: 1141

Категория: punk, hardcore, thrashcore, fastcore & powerviolence

Dir Yassin - DiscographyИсполнитель:Dir Yassin
Стиль:thrashcore,hardcore punk
Битрейт:~240 кб/с
Размер:58,5 мб
01.Brotherly Mass Grave
02.Temporary Situation
03.Everything Known Beforehand
05.Taking The Secret To The Grave
06.Khesed Shel Emet
07.Slandering Campaign
08.All Our Planes Have Returned Safely
09.For Quality You Must Pay
11.Koakh Junction
12.Who Are You To Judge
13.Salvation At The End Of The Barrel Of A Gun
14.No More Propositions For The Day
15.Ink Stains Across The Border
16.Drafting Myth
17.Sheik Yassin Junior High
18.Time Bomb
19.Satanic Verses
20.Independence Day
21.Try and Get Raped
22.Murdering In The Name Of The Copywriter
23.A Day In A Week For The False Consciousness
24.Shopping Mall Mentality
25.Sanitary Instillation
26.People (Action Pact)
27.God Forgotten Place
28.Saving Selfishness
29.Prove Me Wrong
30.Manichean Scheme
32.How Much Can I Hate
33.A Minute Of Silence
34.Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
36.Actually You Said Nothing
37.Innocent Lamb
38.Save Them From The Abyss Of Forgetfulness
39.Confirmation Killing
40.Something For Nothing (White Cross)
41.Topia Through Industrial Espionage
42.Last Impression
43.National Assest
44.I Self Degrade
45.Always Righteous
46.Happiness Was Already Reached


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