Rapegoat - Man Cannot Be Saved (2009)

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Категория: punk, sludge & metal

Rapegoat - Man Cannot Be Saved (2009)
Исполнитель: Rapegoat
Альбом: Man Cannot Be Saved [EP]
Год: 2009
Страна: USA (North Carolina)
Стиль: Punk/Thrash
Битрейт: VBR
Размер: 18.13 МБ
01. Lightbringer ( 1:18 )
02. Lies ( 0:33 )
03. Cunthair Moustache ( 1:28 )
04. Come Unto Me ( 0:56 )
05. Dripping Bloody Skull ( 0:29 )
06. Man Cannot Be Saved ( 1:16 )
07. Gore Tits ( 0:36 )
08. Havana Affair ( 1:30 )
09. Living in a Cloud ( 1:14 )
10. Everyday ( 0:58 )
11. Restoration of the Glory of the Mind ( 1:43 )
12. Lightbringer (6/09 Bonus Demo Track) ( 1:19 )
13. Man Cannot Be Saved (2/09 Bonus Demo Track) ( 1:27 )
14. Restoration of The Glory of the Mind (6/9 Bonus Demo Track) ( 1:45 )


The spawn of Lucifer and a fat sexy bitch-goat, Rapegoat is a blazing demon beast dwelling on Earth to spread the true word of rock and roll. Scapegoats are victims but the Rapegoat will not be a victim of the twisted hypocrisy of mythology. Rapegoat will rise up as the aggressor, defiling lackey angels and freeing mankind from the chains of his religious oppression. By the time you smell the reek of its urine and blood soaked beard and hear the tramp of its cloven hooves it will be too late to run. You must embrace the Rapegoat and descend into the blackness of the damnation to which we are all destined. THERE ARE NO SACRED COWS, ONLY FILTHY GOATS. Rapegoat formed in early 2008 in a tiny room of a single-wide trailer somewhere in rural western NC. It all started with two guys, cheap whiskey and a love for old school punk rock, thrash metal, and B-movies. One of them had a notebook with a few songs worth of off-the-wall lyrics and the other could play guitar well enough to bang out a few fierce and fast songs. Over the next year and a half the concept of the Rapegoat grew to epic proportions of rock and roll evil, but the reality of it was more than most local so-called "punks" could stand and every attempt at forming a full band failed. Drummers and bassist ran screaming into the night when faced with the speed and fury of Matt the Ironman's musical vision and the unholy lyrical blasphemies of John the Baptist. One cursed night a spirited and foolhardy axeman known as Angus Hung, drawn from Charlotte by the haunting call of the Rapegoat, ventured into the wilderness to join the beast in it's battle against the forces of good. The famed King-Sized Killer Nick Laney also heeded the call of the 'goat and brought his bass into the fray. Matt moved to take his place high on his throne, guiding the music from behind the drums and a new era of Rapegoat was born. A few live shows in NC/SC in Oct. 2009 primed the band for the recording of their debut album that same month. January 2010 sees the reemergence of Rapegoat live, as well as the release of their EP Man Cannot Be Saved on the new NC label Mystery School Records.

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Теги: Punk, Thrash
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Punk с прикосновением Thrash.
Забавно они о себе рассказывают, мое любимое место: "Барабанщики и басист побежали крича в ночь, когда столкнулись со скоростью и яростью музыкального видения Мэта Железного-человека (Matt the Ironman) и нечестивыми богохульствующими текстами песен Джона Крестителя (John the Baptist)."

Трек №8 Havana Affair - The Ramones cover.

Ваш бог может идти нахуй, не имеет значения как вы его называете, полоумные ублюдки, Иисусом Христом или Аллахом.


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