Strawberry Blondes - Rise Up (2007)

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Strawberry Blondes - Rise Up (2007)Исполнитель: Strawberry Blondes
Альбом: Rise Up
Год: 2007
Страна: UK, Newport
Стиль: Punk Rock
Битрейт: VBR
Размер: 37.85 МБ
Издатель: Deck Cheese Records
01. Rise Up
02. Rebel Rebel
03. Johnny Two Combs
04. Misfit
05. End Of The World
06. Kingmob (Feat. John Robb)
07. Beat Down Babylon (Feat. John Robb)
08. Bricks Under The Westway
09. I’m A Punk Rocker And I’m Never Gonna Fall In Love
10. Young Free And Easy
11. Rip It Up
12. Viva Havana
13. Beat Down Babylon (Don Letts / Dan Donnovan Dub Cartel Remix)


Keeping it strictly roots, punk 'n' roll mob kings, Strawberry Blondes like their rock 'n' roll super charged. Their songs are short, sharp, shocks of highly melodic punk rock bile, based on the rudiments thrown down by the classic first Clash album, or against the grain conviction of the early Manics or the zeitgeist defining lyrical smarts of their beloved Rancid and Goldblade. Strawberry Blondes, slash ‘n’ burn two minute blasts of guitar driven punk rock 'n' roll, their mini anthems-should-be-Top-30 missives. This is sheer pop perfection. Heartfelt vocals and the amphetamine rush of guitars, struck with a passion and fired with burning frustration. Turning their cynicism and world-weariness into highly charged angry pop is what Strawberry Blondes excel at.

Strawberry Blondes are the new face of punk rock in the U.K and have recently won over a ton of new friends playing with the likes of Rancid, Street Dogs, Bad Brains, The Unseen, The Aggrolites, The Briggs, Anti-Flag, UK Subs, Buzzcocks and Millencolin – they even got the legendary Don Letts to remix one of their songs. More Authentic than a fistful of incendiary rock n roll albums, Strawberry Blondes will not go down without a fight. Few bands in Britain have their melodic power, their insane conviction and their confrontational guitar slashing passion.

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