Daylight - Party Assault (2008)

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Категория: punk

Daylight - Party Assault (2008)Исполнитель: Daylight
Альбом: Party Assault
Год: 2008
Страна: Spain, Barcelona
Стиль: Punk Rock/Skate Punk
Битрейт: 128 kbps (CBR)
Размер: 39.24 МБ
01 The One for You ( 3:26 )
02 Rollercoaster ( 3:32 )
03 Million Stars Hotel ( 3:41 )
04 My Own Life ( 3:34 )
05 High School Queen ( 3:41 )
06 Fight for Tomorrow ( 4:45 )
07 Hey Hey ( 3:47 )
08 Lemon Tree ( 2:42 )
09 What Can I Do ( 2:46 )
10 I'm ( 0:55 )
11 Just Like You ( 4:09 )
12 Coming Back ( 4:44 )


О группе Daylight

Daylight begins in mars 2004, when Olek, Will and Wojtek fortunately meet Victor , an experienced drummer, for the very first time. Just after some rehearsals, some concerts and a huge willing of growing, they record 6 songs which are a result of that first year of life.

A year and a half later, they record their first EP called “Daylight” that contains three songs. It is the beginning of a new period of concerts in which Daylight is going to share the stage with some international bands like MXPX, Unfinished Sympathy, Reel Big Fish between others, and some important national Spanish l bands like No Way Out.

In 2008 they decide to edit a first LP together with Txosse from Wheel Sound Studio, who records and produces this first album called “Party Assault”. Later on, Eddy Schreyer from Oasis Mastering Studios (CA) is going to produce the master of the LP. This same year provides them a tight schedule of concerts. During April they perform an exclusive Spanish tour all around the country.

The year (2008) gives them the opportunity of filming a video-clip of the single song “The One for You”. This video gets a great reception by their followers, and it is going to be played on important music televisions like MTV, Sol Música or Localia TV.
This good acceptance by the media not only brings them many interviews in these radios and televisions, but it allows them to appear in some relevant newspapers like Avui, la Vanguardia, Metro and ADN and some important magazines like RockZone and Loka Magazine.

Daylight / MySpace

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Daylight - The One For You (Official Video) HD

Забыл указать, что трек №8 Lemon Tree - Fool's Garden cover, для тех кто не догадается.

Rollercoaster - здорово сыграно.


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