Kru$h - s/t (2010)

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Категория: crust & d-beat, grindcore

Kru$h - s/t (2010)Artist/Исполнитель: Krush
Album/Альбом: s/t
Year/Год: 2010
Country/Страна: Netherlands
Genre/Жанр: Grindcore /Crustcore
Bitrate/Битрейт: 182-228 kbit/s
Size/Размер: 43.5 mb

01 Into It!
02 All Is Not Enough
03 Rest Assure
04 Lies And Deceit
05 Deal With It
06 Trigger
07 War=Business=War
08 Into Debt
09 It's A Set Up
10 G.O.D. Guns. Oil. Drugs
11 What World It Is
12 This Is Going Nowhere
13 Victims
14 Slaves To The Grind
15 Life's Manual
16 The Thing You Hate Most
17 The Average Life
18 Disguster
19 5 Seconds
20 Never You
21 Out Of It!


About 21 tracks of furious D-beat Grindcore in the vein of the 3D's (Disrupt, Disfear and Disgust) and of course ancient Napalm Death & Extreme Noise Terror. After 3 years in the work, several recordingsessions, we got the final product and of course, the recordings so fucking brutal and tight. But these tracks are extremely aggressive and in your face,these 21 tracks are the best crustcore / D-beat stuff in the last years for sure. The frantic dual vocals really add tons of aggression, and you will love the deeper voice. It doesn’t matter if they do a two minute long crust song or a forty second long grind tune; they deliver the goods!!!!! Absolutely!! The LP comes in a nice 300gr. goldcoloured vinyl, 180gr heavyweight vinyl and printed innersleeve, designed and printed from the band himself. D.I.Y. rules!!!!!

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Изменил: Kuzbass

Теги: grindcore, crustcore
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Кому не хватило, на MySpace, можно скачать бесплатно их предыдущие релизы- наслаждайтесь; смотри раздел Похоже на, выбариещь песню, нажимаешь правую кнопку мыши и выбираещь Сохранить ссылку как...


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акуенный голландцы, да и еще там девка на гитаре у них...меня очень порадовал этот краст/грайнд)

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Впечатляет. А что за девушка играет? Случайно не Кристина из Nuclear Death Terror?


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