Sugardaddy And Shotgun Justice & Alchemy Of Sickness - Split (2009)

Автор: GrindCrusher от 20 декабря 2009, посмотрело: 1215

Категория: grindcore

Sugardaddy And Shotgun Justice & Alchemy Of Sickness - Split (2009)Исполнитель: Sugardaddy And Shotgun Justice & Alchemy Of Sickness
Альбом: Split
Год: 2009
Страна: Томск, РоссияМалайзия
Стиль: CybergrindPowerviolence - Grindcore
Качество: 320Kbps
Sugardaddy and Shotgun Justice side:
o1. Oh Boy, Great Cock Is Attackin Us
o2. Shades Of Grey
o3. Crustophilia pt01: Wrapped In The Flag
o4. Thoughtcrime
o5. Rotten Bright Lights Through Rotten White Eyes
o6. In A Cops Way
o7. The Meaning Of Life (Leng Tch`e Cover)
o8. Crustophilia pt02: Democracy Will Come For You
o9. And Schwarzenegger Will Come For You Too
Alchemy Of Sickness side:
o1. Introduction To A New Realm Of Chaos
o2. Historical Inconsistent
o3. Hell Is A Place On Earth
o4. False Panacea
o5. The Art Of Pissing
o6. The End Justify The Means
o7. Beware Of Noise
o8. Please Don’t Kill Me In The Name Of Science
o9. DIY For Choice
1o. It Is Your Way, Not Our Way
11. Here And Now

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